Day One

19 Mar

I just had a brief coffee* date with a bigwig at Deutsche Bank.  There was something about him that turned me on, especially at the end, after we had an easy chat, something about the way he looked at me when I said, “We should have dinner  when you get back from your trip.”

During the course of our meeting he didn’t make me doubt my direction in life, but he did make me realize that this next part of my life will take some hard work.  Not that I want to become a bigwig at the investment bank where I work to support myself.  I just want to have a better work ethic with my writing, my art, myself.  If I’d done that a long time ago I probably wouldn’t be working for The Man.

I am an unpublished writer.  Most of my writing energy has been spent on my first novel, which has taken me entirely too long.  I’m working on Draft 6 now.  Although I say this after as I work on every draft, it will be the last.  I’m not even certain it’s publishable at this point.  It’s become like Frankenstein’s monster.

Should I have called this blog “My Life as a Blog” or “My Blog as a Fake”?

A special shout out to Peter Carey.

One last thing, enjoy the super moon tonight.

*we had coffee at Think Cafe on Bowery and Bleecker: free trade shade grown organic and probably the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life.


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