20 Mar

A friend of mine had a birthday party last night at a New York gay institute called Rawhide.  It’s a leather bar stuck in a time before Chelsea became gentrified.  Most of New York’s gay elite (if something like that even exists) wouldn’t dream of drinking or using the bathroom here.

I, on the other hand, have few qualms about going anywhere with the exception of most chain stores.  So I went and had fun.  The best way to tackle life, especially when one like myself is trying to become resurrected, or even erected for that matter, is to say Yes and put a smile on your face and experience.

Some observations based on my experience:

  1. I’m uncomfortable wearing certain types of clothing, like leather pants and t-shirts that say oink, especially when passersby outside the bar snicker.  One doesn’t have to wear leather attire to go into a leather bar, unless it’s Code Night*.  In that case, you should probably be into things like harnesses and fisting.
  2. The Gay Culture, which I have mostly a hard time swallowing, even swirling around in my mouth and spitting, as a culture, focuses most of its energy on the superficial.  I’m beginning to realize that I’ve been privy to that stereotype and using my pretty face and my sexual exploits as a crutch.  It’s time to use the enticement, but to back it up with something substantial besides my booty.
  3. If someone offers you a bag of cocaine either give it back or put it in your pocket immediately.  If you ponder too long, you’re apt to be thrown out into the cold night without a jacket.
  4. If a go-go boy is hanging all over you, and you aren’t giving him any money, he’s probably picking your wallet.

*Code Night is when you must wear leather gear, like leather harnesses, pants, jock straps, vests, t-shirts, etc.


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